ahem...guess what i came out to be on this test...this should be an indication for u ladies out there !!!


Just stumbled upon this great site, aptly named StumbleUpon, which well basically lets u stumble upon sites that you would normally never stumble upon...check it out..crazy way to spend ur time but most of the time it gives out interesting results to say the least....


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men may be called blind fools,
handy they are only with tools,
a womans heart they can never read,
holding hands,can they a child lead ?

laddy !!

hide-bound or mucle-clad,
he's just another wee lad,
dont wear ur heart on ur sleeve,
lest it leaks like a sieve.


if love leaves u blue,
its betrayal suffocates you,
welcome to humanity,
u're not the only one who feels shitty !!!


dont be so low,
we still hv miles to go,
who will fight the flow,
unless courage u show ??


my friend resigned,
doubts clouding the mind,
was the love ever true,
wasnt i among the chosen few ???


wanna freak,
down some creek,
worlds gone mad,
isnt that bad ?

Strictly Adult !!

ok now this post is a small jingle i composed myself.Although it is not as dirty as a jingle can get, it still is quite dirty and the last part is vaguely gross...ok fine,its just plain gross..so i have warned u right before u start reading this..well, u are gonna read it anyway so go right ahead !!!

ahem ahem...

ahem ahem again....

Here it goes..

Human beings obsessed with sex,
And condoms made of latex,
Two facts of a sexy mixture,
Make coupling a daily fixture.

Men enamoured by a 36 breast,
Imaginations arent meant to rest,
Women wearing dresses low-cut,
Are Bras meant to cover their butt ?

Those lucky with a sumptuous booty,
Shake it like its their duty,
Watching letchers get their highs,
"Baby, could i get between those thighs ?"

Even ladies have their fantasy,
Someday that a man will see,
It isnt an unsurmountable chasm,
Between foreplay and orgasm.

All men have a common fear,
Is it large enough my dear ?
With what i have been endowed,
Will I,on my girl,pleasure bestow ?

A good carpenter never blames his tool,
12 inches aint always cool,
Performance counts in the middle of the heat,
Do it right or you're limp meat..

Bodies wrapped up in constriction,
Fluids flowing to reduce the friction,
From the pleasure there is no respite,
Till an eruption of milky white.

Exhausted,sated,bodies all wet,
Till next time,just give it a rest,
And for those of you who thought this was porn,
How the fuck do you think you were born ???


Aisi judai ki aalam aayi,
saath mere na thi woh parchayi,
aisa kya maine gunah kar diya,
ki khuda ne mera yaar cheen liya ??

chaar line...

Ho jaye hum talli,
phir ghoomenge hum har galli,
hai rootha hua yeh sansar,
jab na mile dil ko uska pyaar.....

few lines....

but u have such a beautiful mind,
with the lord i have an axe to grind
how can u be so appealing
in your wake,leave others reeling ??