Its begun.

Back at a place that I used to call home, its begun all over again.

Not as bad as we had it I hope, but still with enough rancour to leave a bad, bad taste in everyone's mouths.

But that is not what I remember.

What I remember is eight people fighting, screaming, shouting, laughing, crying, talking as one.

One Single Unit. One Team.

I'm a young guy. Hopefully, I'll have an average lifespan. But I'll consider myself pretty lucky if I ever get to work in such a team again. Lucky, and Privileged.

There are reams to write and someday, slowly, steadily, I will.

Till then, to you, who know who you are, Thank You for letting me be a part of this. I hope you enjoyed having me around as much as I did being with you.  I wouldn't have had it any other way.


Just four lines of an unfinished poem that I had written when I had just gotten into my B-School..

The very thought should make me weep.
In my B-School I am falling asleep,
Desperately do I some shut-eye crave,
Some alumnus must be turning in his grave...

After that, since I was "too new" in my opinion to write more, I left it at that...And it never got completed. 

If I were to write now, what would I write?? Well, the first para wouldn't change for sure ;)


I hate having to do this, but have to do it over and over again....



So answer me this, does ANYONE use Google Wave???

BTW, 21 invitations left, in case anyone is interested..

Vicious 6 Degrees

Lethargy (sounds like) Farji (mostly used with) Doctor (the good ones give) Health (which leads to) Wealth (for which we have to) Work (which we cant because of our lethargy!!)

What the hell was that???

P.S.: Who's the Muscovite who keeps dropping in here?