You're Normal

Inspired by this. And how anyone can make tomdickery sound great. I don't know where they're coming from, nor do I care. The post sounded churlish. So I write. If you need such posts to inspire you, then God Help You.


It’s Normal

Maybe it is a consequence of when I was born (1986) and where I grew up (Mumbai), but from a very young age I've not believed in most things. Not all things. Most. Most important things.

I believe that each of us is an accident, that most have neither potential nor purpose. We can deny ourselves the lack of potential and purpose. We can even be denied reaching what little potential and purpose we have by others. But we cannot deny the non-existence of that potential and purpose.

I believe, as part of this purposelessness, we are born to relate to no other on earth, to dislike spending time with others, talking with each other, listening to each other, having little or no consideration for each other in convenient relationships. I believe that spending time on other humans is a grievous thing. We can deny ourselves this grief. We can be denied this grief. But we cannot deny the existence of this grief.

I believe, as part of this grief, we are made to share, to suffer communal participation in things. In sharing, we make ourselves vulnerable. And in that vulnerability is loss. That that vulnerability and that loss inhabit all our relationships.

I believe, as part of this vulnerability, we are forced to learn. To learn while relating to the people around us, to learn while sharing, to learn while making ourselves vulnerable. Learning involves doing new things. Sometimes the new things are called failures, sometimes they are called successes. We should deny both as learning.

I do not believe that doing all this: learning, loving, sharing, socialising: it’s called living. I do not believe that anything that stops us from reaching and extending our potential and purpose is wrong; I believe that anything that stops us relating to others is right; I believe that anything that stops us sharing is right; I believe that anything that forces learning is wrong.

I believe that, seen from this perspective, there are many things that are wrong with this world. That this is not normal. And that we have the power to change it.

Remember who we are.


There, is a perfectly misanthropic/pessimistic view of the world. And who is to say they are wrong?

P.S.: This post does not encapsulate an iota of my thinking. Its just an extension of my belief that all purpose, all inspiration has to eventually come from within oneself.