"...... horny little Care Bear."

Best. Expression. Ever.


Been a bit busy, past few days.

Recent first-time employee changed to first-time job switch.

Working at a bank now. I'm a "banker", so to speak.

Slightly disappointed that I did not have a sudden explosion of knowledge(=power) turning me into a master of the any/all universe the instant I joined.



I'm not usually one to rant about stuff. Really. If something bothers me, and I can avoid it, that's what I usually do. They have their own point of view, and if its not similar to mine or even something strikingly dissimilar, I don't believe in imposing my views. Unless you get in my face, of course.

Not this time. I have had enough. Enough of what, you ask? Enough of this.

The new Wrigley's Doublemint AD.

I am not even linking it to youtube. Don't look it up. You'll thank me later.

I didn't think the DOCOMO Irritant singing-in-the-"Friendship Express" makes-me-tear-the-hair-out-of-head AD could be so easily and so quickly topped off my irritant no. 1 spot. But now I feel grateful that it was only preparing me for this. The first time I saw this ad and heard it (the significance of both happening together is indeed significant), was the first time I almost choked on my own vomit. Yes, it is that bad.

I think I'd prefer being choked to death while my feet are being kept in burning oil, someone is kicking me in the nuts with spiked boots and some-other-one is taking a hammer to my teeth, to watching that ad again.

Just so that you can be saved, let me repeat. It is THAT bad.

Cricket Feed...

A collection of blogs on cricket that I follow.

Lemme know if I've missed any worthwhile ones.


B was down, almost out.

"They're all corrupt, bleeding the company. I have only you to talk to.", he moaned over the STD line.

Next week, he called again. A Stranger picked the corporate number.

"Where's A?"

"He resigned."

"Did he leave a number?"


He disconnected. And wept. For a friend who never was.


I have 08 google wave invites.

I shall give them out if you comment and leave your email id.

Offer expires 10th December 2009.

I expect zero invites handed out.

That is all.

(55-2) Itch....

He had been in his room, sating an urge uncontrollable.

She only wanted to surprise him.

Smiling, she opened the door, froze, blinked, turned and ran.

He looked up, looked down and sat down.

How do you show your manhood as proof for mosquito bite when you haven't had your first kiss?


"At least it was during my period. I'll only be dying alone.", wept she, joyously stepping off the roof.

P.S.: This is my first attempt at Flash Fiction. If you understood, I succeeded. If you didn't, I have to try harder. And yes, I'm a dark, deviant human being. :)

But Why?

Its a curious thing that I've noticed amongst Indian Males.

He: Do you have a boyfriend?
She: No
He: Do you want to be my girlfriend?
She: No
He: But Why?
She: ......

They may have lost all interest in the girl the moment she said No, or maybe even before that, but the Ego of a Typical Indian Male, just doesn't allow hearing a No from some Girl...

The Importance of SRT

The year is 1989. A curly haired, pint-sized teenager steps out on the field for his Test Match debut in front of a sparse Brisbane crowd. There is an air of expectation as all eyes are on the 'Boy Wonder', as he's been called by the press, ever since his selection into the Australian National team at the tender age of 16, as a replacement for the injured Dean Jones. With centuries on debut in both the Sheffield Shield and the FAI cup, all and sundry are predicting him to be the next Big Thing in international cricket. As he marks his guard and goes through a series of ungainly crotch adjustments that will become famous in the years to come, he feels confident enough. Allan Border and Tom Moody have done well enough to take his team from 27/2 to 185/3 and surely, facing Graeme Labrooy couldn't be worse than taking a few hard knocks from Merv Hughes in the nets. He still can't quite get his nerves to settle down though, and as he is knocked over for a paltry 15, he thinks he will never play Test Cricket again. It is in his second international match, when the same bowler gets one to rear up and break his nose, that he decides enough is enough. He refuses treatment and flicks the next ball off his pads, in a manner reminiscent of subcontinental players, to the boundary for four. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, son of two Indian immigrants in Australia, has announced his arrival, and he will rule the world for the next 20 years and counting.

Under Border, the Great Australian Revival is underway, and the boy will remain an integral part of the team under some of the greatest captains of his time.

He will spend the greater part of his career in a team which has one of the best opening combinations of all time, Langer and Hayden.

He will have Ponting at Number 3.

He will have Gilchrist at Number 6.

When he becomes captain, he will find bowlers answering to the names of McGrath, Warne, Fleming, Gillespie and Lee, not Prasad, Srinath, Kuruvilla and Mohanty.

He will win Three World Cups. In all three, he will be the highest run scorer.

He will be able to take his children to the fair, and watch a movie with them.

Don Bradman will be content to invite two Australians to his house.

He will be, for all intents and purposes, the Next Bradman.

A world away, an Indian team, chronic poor travellers, have been spun around in Abdul Qadir's web in an exhibition match. Only Salil Ankola has made his debut on that Pakistan tour.

No one is around in the Indian team to save the 1990 Test match against England, with a hundred in the last innings.

An Indian team touring Australia is beaten 2-0. The Indians are haplessly gunned down at Perth, ' The Fastest Pitch in The World'. No one makes a brilliant counter-attacking century.

When Navjot Singh Sidhu has a neck strain at Auckland, no one volunteers to open the innings.

No one is around to tackle the menace of Shane Warne, as he arrives on Indian shores.

No one makes a double-century for Mumbai against the Australians.

No one can read the Pakistani spinners at Chennai, as India lose the match by 136 runs.

The team has three world-class batsmen in Dravid, Ganguly and Laxman. No one else.

The 90s seem to be never-ending horror show for the average Indian cricket fan. There is no one to look upto.

There is no overwhelming influence on Sehwag. He idolizes Dravid and wants to copy him, but his aggression simply does not allow him to be technically as fluent. He never makes it past the Delhi team.

Ganguly, one of the finest opening batsman of his age, simply runs out of options for his opening partner.

No one plays those two innings in Sharjah.

No one plays that knock against Pakistan at the 2003 World Cup.

There is simply, a vast emptiness.

Can you imagine, an Indian team without Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar?

I didn't think so...

Truer words...

I had some words with my wife, and she had some paragraphs with me.
- Anonymous


That is my "new" IndiRank - as bestowed upon me by IndiBlogger.

Its both a pleasant surprise, and with the benefit of hindsight, predictable.

A lot in my life has moved in symmetry. 43, along with 13, has been one of "my" numbers, so to speak.

Guess that's my starting point now. As it was when it first came to me.

To a better future then...


hidden meaning in ordinary word,

blood-red wings on a flightless bird,

so much frustration, same with unrest,

equal and unequal put to the test.

desire is the cause of sorrow,

live nought but for the morrow,

can the mind be ever a servent tame,

instead of a beast forever aflame?

life is too short to ever take tension,

do we spend or make do till pension,

money, money inflaming passions,

power and fame our twin obsessions.

Everything here is already known,

Birds of a flock already flown,

Myself am I not immune,

Isn't advising others inopportune?


- Guy at Nokia store exchanging a worn-down un-series-ed phone for a brand new, spanking hot RED E63. Sez Guy to Gal "Look dear, its got a 4GB memory card, 2 MP camera,  lets me set up two email accounts, and has internet access and WLAN" The Gal turns around and says "Woh toh sab theek hai, but tu life mein yeh sab use karne wala hai kya?" 

Ouch. That, people, was the closest thing I have seen to a mental kick in the nuts, if there ever was one.

- Lara Dutta is awesomely hot. And she has a beautiful (I cannot stress this point enough) butt. And if anyone in that movie had any chance of sleeping with Kylie Minogue, it was her. That, in the wholesomeness of its entirety, is my takeaway from the movie "Blue".


Zara Zara Touch Me Song Lyrics

All I seee…
In hersszzz Touch

Wats d fun ? ah ah
Do u know wht i mean it isz ?
Sup sup
Can i get ya
Can i touch ya
Can i get ya
Can i touch ya

Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Ah Zara Zara Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me

Ah zara zara .. Oooo ooo ooo

Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara Zara
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Ah Zara Zara
Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me
Ah Zara Zara
Oooo ooo ooo

(Bin tere sanam is jahan mein
Beqkaar hum
Dum da dum da dum
Bin tere sanam is jahan mein
Beqkaar hum ) ….. 2

Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Ah Zara Zara Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me

Ah zara zara .. Oooo ooo ooo

Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me
Ah Zara Zara
Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me
Ah Zara Zara
Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me
Ah Zara Zara
Oooo ooo ooo.......

And so the song continues with a few random words thrown in between. People get paid for this. And not on humor blogs. Also, funnier than anything I could come up with. How do I get a piece of the pie? Lyrics obtained from here.


a jingle on the jelly,
nothing's on the telly.
cricket's down to twenty,
even that seems aplenty.

gone are the days of sessions won,
in a trice are matches done,
look at me, my post was on frustration,
woohoo, that train's left the station.


Its been six months since that fateful day in college..I thought I'd moved on. I'd thought that it wouldn't affect me now. I thought I'd left it behind. But it still hurts. Like a knife through the heart. More than I could've thought it would. It hurts so much.

Some who will understand this, will rejoice. For the wrong reasons. You have no idea why it hurts me, and maybe all of us, so much. Its because we care too damn much. You won't understand, you can't understand. Someday we'll stop caring. And maybe on that day, we'll find our peace. And still, a part of me never wants that peace, because we never want to stop caring.

As Ben Franklin said, "Those things that hurt, Instruct." Let's hope I'm a better student now than what I was in the recent past. At least, let me have the sense to never repeat this mistake again.



Being alone is cold. That's what they say. Its not, not always. It can be hot. Sweaty,even. Drinking in the musk of your sweat because you aren't bothered to wipe it off. Because you're alone. Not really, no. There are people around. But they don't see you. Neither do you. They dont mean anything. You dont understand them. They dont understand you. They dont know you. They dont care. You dont care. Why? Because you're alone. Oh, so alone.


Went to IndiBlogger.

Created an account.

Asked for approval to join.

Approval was granted.

Made my first forum post.

.......Continued to post regularly here???

Only time will tell....

P.S.: Did the same with Blogadda.


Testing out the email your blog post feature..

Also wondering if I should take up poetry a la Ogden Nash..


Happy Birthday, Mr. M.K. Gandhi, although you're long gone.

Trouble with my blogging is I dont want to write unless I have a strong/currently strong fixed opinion or hard facts..and mostly, I have neither..

Damn it..


- Heard that a lot of interest in Kamb'akhthoo' Ishq was generated coz Kareena Kapoor happened to be in a bikini...really?? Of course, it might have been utter rubbish, because of the fact that I heard it on a news channel..But still, Amrita Arora in the same movie rocked the bazangas out of the hotness scale in that rewind sequence of a couple of minutes, and in general was far more confident, un-self-conscious and HOTTER in a bikini than anorexia queen...

- just noticed that Sagarika Ghatge has amazing lips, going by the promo posters of Fox

- Takia's takiyas are back !! just might catch up on Wanted for those reasons...the South Indian in me expresses himself in weird ways

- I must be the sole male (and maybe human being) in the Asian subcontinent who thinks that Katrina Kaif looks, well, weird...


Its just one of those days..when I have the entire day stretching out in front of me..I've managed to get a decent internet connection for a change for the first time in a month or so..I open up this page and I get absolutely nothing..

Why, why, why is it so tough to write sometimes and so perfectly natural at others ?? like the previous one...I wrote it on my mobile in the middle of the night and it took me barely a couple of minutes..

Even these lines seem so if to justify the opening of this page...

Discipline, Mental...

P.S.: Was my PlaceCom Mentor who introduced me to Trebuchet; me being under orders not to send any mail in any other font, under pain of getting screwed, not a case of love at first sight, like with Monotype Corsiva, but has grown on me to the point where I try to keep it as default as far as possible...


the purest human being i know got married today..there are many many other words to describe her,but for me pure is the one which captures her essence..and even as i write this i see that even that does not..for am i not implying that she is merely purer than the rest? while she definitely is,that is not what i want to convey..she is the one for whom the word was coined..she should be the standard by which mortals should be judged..she is the white,she is the light,she is the one whose mould even god could not replicate..she makes us want to be better people just by being..she inspires us,infuriates us, and shames us and uplifts us..she looks after us when all we want to do is protect her from this big bad world..
I couldn't attend her engagement..i couldn't attend her wedding..i tried calling her but some relative picked up the phone and quite correctly pointed out that she was a 'little' busy..and although i'm sure she knows nothing of this's my heartfelt wishes to you dear sis..may there be no fortunes from which you are turned away and may no misfortune ever turn your way..for if they do, it would surely mean that justice does not exist in this world, and then would this world be worth living in?


In the olden days (say a decade back ??) leaving a permanent mark was so tough..there was the danger of passing on without having to show anything for the journey...

And now ?? Now i've to hunt down the shit of my headier younger years, hoping I get to them before someone else does..

The wheels of time....

LUCK - WTF ???

You know what's the worst part of the movie LUCK ??

That it leaves itself wide open for a sequel...


Finally finding something that is making me almost lose my temper on a sustained basis : Incompetence.

Breathe in....Breathe out....and Repeat...

No, Really??

Really, Israel?? and actually, really India??

What I wanna know is did we buy those arms after hearing this crapola??

Related News Article Here.


Badi wali MMS ban gayi...

Pappu MBA ban gaya...

Naam ka par kaam ka ??

Anyhoo, at least im an MBA-on-Paper now...

I Love It

The New Look that is....

Clean, Smooth and not clunky....Unlike me ??


The ear drops for the second time that a bug has crawled into my ear? Nope, not that this time.

Dropped from Page 5 to Page 6 on google..It took a damn controversy to get it there from Page Oblivion in the first place..

Gotta do more of the same now??

Heaven help me...

Drop in @ Dhule...

So its been almost two weeks since I've been here, which gives me plenty of time to acclimatize to this place, which is tiny, tiny, tiny by Mumbai standards...of course, that was to be expected, but I had no idea how absolutely tiny it is..There are around 5-6 roads, having some shops, a residential area which to me seemed absolutely deserted, but then people do have to live somewhere dont they, and...and..and..? and i cant find anything else...there are a couple of engineering colleges, a couple of medical colleges and so on, but i'll be damned if i've seen any students here...

other impressions...the place is hot..and surprisingly sticky...given that i come from mumbai, world leader in sticky heat, its not much of a difference, but for a place this far inland, i was surprised how much i sweated in the first week...i must've lost weight by the gallon rather than by the kilo...and oh yes, i am losing weight..thts what happens when I can't find a single good place to eat and am forced to eat to live, rather than live to eat which as everyone can attest, is one of my most important mottos of life...hopefully, it'll lead me to lose the enormous pot belly which I acquired almost exactly a year back..karma??

No Babes...absolutely none..and i've looked, believe me...and yes, I am a shallow shallow man..

Hard water here...takes some getting used to..and more woe to me, i am forced to take bath in cold water, which is something i absolutely HATE...everyday i have to relive that fateful day in Delhi when I had to take bath in ice-cold water @ 4 degree C, and tell myself that if I can do that, then this should be a piece of cake..which its not, but im surviving...

Hotel is a marvel. I will leave it at that.

Work hasn't started in full flow as yet. Hardly a couple of hours of work everyday, which leaves a lot of time for R&R. My back is getting as much rest as it could've gotten in Mumbai. so i guess the company's taking good care of me. Once work starts its supposed to be a lot of work, so i guess I should savor the rest while I'm getting some...

What a brief brief synopsis..more as and when it comes along..

Tiara Francisco Bloop.


Here I am writing from much to write and so much to blog...but now is not the right time...

So, if Guru was supposed to be Dhirubhai, how absolutely motherfuckin pissedoff must Kokilaben have been when Aishwarya portrayed her, especially in that highly idiotic Barso Re song ????

More Laters...

Un-Sick Haiku

a relief it is.
I am not a sick bastich.
powders smell not skin.

P.S.: can anyone tell me if the proper scheme has been followed, and whether this is, in fact a valid haiku?

Sicko ??

Ok, so this ayurvedic massage guy comes every day nowadays to physiotherapize me the traditional keralite way...and we've moved on to the phase of burning me..i.e. he heats up this cloth-sack full of various powders, dips the sack in oil, puts the oil-dripping sack on a heater and then lays the smackdown on my back....

Sometimes the stuff is really hot and there is a peculiar aroma which comes out that I really enjoy...It only comes out when the thing is really hot, so the weird part is I dunno whether its the smell of the oil+powder or my skin burning...If I'm really enjoying the smell of burning skin, how fucked-up am I ??

WeiRD ?

So I've been searching for a couple of my marksheets since last month, and I've no idea where they are. I'm worried, because I've to submit them on the first day of my job. I've all but given up, and have asked friends to get duplicate copies from the college office, as I'm still on stupid bed rest.

Then, I wake up all of a sudden, in the middle of one night at 4.30 a.m., go and open a bag, remove a folder, open it up and there it is !!!

It freakin freaked me out !!

Anyone else experience something like this ??

Of cricket and pain...

Lots of stuff to write...I have been wanting to write for some time now, but unfortunate circumstances have left me in a rather disadvantageous situation with regard to the writing bit..

For those of you who dont know (and those that come here), I have been in bed with a slipped disc since approximately 0010 hours on 7th May, 2009. Is it a coincidence that it was Baba's birthday? I'm sure he must've cracked a joke somewhere in Vasai which must've led me to break my back. Me and HDD agree that his jokes are harmful for our future, but this much? Damn, the guy's potent...

1) I supposedly picked up the injury when I was playing cricket. It was the remarkable weekend where I played so much cricket that I broke my back, or so I thought at the time, twisted an ankle and my thighs , and probably shoulders, would've paid to be seperated from my brain. Go figure. Although, I just discovered yesterday that I had fallen on the right side of my hip, and i've slipped stuff on the left side. So that explains nothing.

2) Would I do it again? Damn right, I would. Although my love for playing cricket far far outstrips my aptitude for the game, I see no reason to ever not play cricket when it is an option. Facing up to a fast bowler, especially the delivery I will never forget, the one that Mr. Dawande whistled past my nose, where I felt the air wheeze around my head while the delivery literally missed me by a whisker, and that which reminded me why I love this game. Of course, had I been infinitesimally late in moving away or the delivery had been fractionally closer to my head, I might have been typing this from some plastic surgeons bed, having my face reorganized. Lesson to kids: Although very very tempting, do not play on an uneven pitch without a helmet and an abdomen guard. The risk far outweighs the pleasure. It took me three four balls to even get my bearings right again. I was ducking to full tosses before AS told me to concentrate again.

3) Speaking of AS, his was the first ball that I actually saw swing. As in, I understood what I was doing and the ball was doing and got into line. Although it didnt help much as he cleaned me up pretty well.

4) Back to the disc. According to the MRI i got done, I have not one, not two but three seperate slipped discs in my spine. I certainly dont believe in doing things by half now, do I ?

5) The entire thing happened as I was packing for my vacation to Doha. Would you believe it? I just leant forward to pick up some thing, and I swear to God, I felt 3-4 small explosions in the small of my back towards the left side. Now, an interesting point to note is how quickly the brain gets into survival mode. I was frozen stiff, although the pain was excruciating ( 3 slipped discs have a tendency to hurt, just saying) and my brain was all about how to get me into a less hurting position. First, I tried to stretch to my bed. BZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Wrong move. Then I tried to compress my body into a ball, maybe curl up. WRONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.  So basically, all I had to do was somehow maintain the same position, which was sitting on my knees with a hand outstretched, which was very uncomfortable. So, somehow I got my hand back, and fell over as softly as I could, into a position that I would stoically maintain for the next four hours on the floor of my bedroom. And all this, by my estimate, took no more than 10 seconds.

6) Another thing I discovered was how quickly I capitulated. What I mean is that I am normally very much anti-painkillers. I dont take them on the principle that I dont want to take loans my body cant cash. Pain is a means for letting me know what my body can or cant take. Also, it is a means of paying off the debt of pleasure that I acquire, normally while paying cricket. It is usually a debt that I am very very happy to pay off. Now, while I was falling to the floor, I would have given a body part for a pain killer. After I fell, my first thought was this was one of the catches or muscle pulls that I am used to. So, I asked her to get me a Cyclopam, which I discovered in the morning is NOT a painkiller, but at the time I thought it was, and I gratefully ate it. Something I had avoided for more than 6-7 years, and I had it within 2-3 minutes. But there wasn't any relief, because IT WASNT A BLOODY PAINKILLER. Food for thought ?

I've been writing this on and off...coz haven't been able to type it all at one more to come laters !!

P.S.: If you will notice, I had been quite unfair to myself, only allowing scope for one "Good" reaction, with two "Bad" and "Ugly" reactions. So I'm presenting a fourth reaction "Barney". If the reference is lost on you, go watch "How I Met Your Mother". You can thank me later. Ciao.

New Look...

So the blog goes for its first big makeover after more than two years...

Still green-themed, but a darker, more glitzy look....I'd been trying for edgy but couldn't quite get through to that..A reflection of how I feel??

Have a few styles in backup as well..But I'm planning to give this look a fair run..

So here's to a new beginning !

is season of heat over?

So asks AbhiSule...

If you go by the no. of visits here and the comment dropping, its deifnitely a little better now..

I'm such a bastard ;-)


He's won several awards, makes hundreds if not thousands of people laugh with his talent and is one of the most recognizable names in Indian Blogging and one of my favorite writers..and why shouldn't he be ?

With posts like this : KKR Rock

And that's not even amongst his funnier posts...

When you have time to kill and have nothing else to do, go for an afternoon expedition in his archives...It'll be worth it..

Greatbong, take a bow sir...

Ground Realities ??

Two pieces I have read in the past couple of days making me think...

1) I always maintained that if I ever left Bombay/Mumbai for any other city, it would be Dubai. It was the only true multi-national city that I have seen, and that includes Mumbai too. I was fascinated with its wealth, its easy rules, and its near resemblance to home, what with so many Indians around. I did think of issues like the spiralling rents, what it would be to leave everyone in India, but the chance of living in a truly Global City seemed to make up for it.

Until this, that is : The Dark Side of Dubai

Worst part, it brings out into the open snatches of conversations and hushed whispers I'd heard but never deigned to think on..And since I've been doing a lot of thinking anyways, why not add this stuff to the mix ?

2) Gods want me to stay in Mumbai. Yes, it might be the worst of the lot, but that can't be helped now. My second choice in India was Bangalore and look what happens there.

Godfather of Bangalore

And more pictures relating to the same here : Pics

Warning: Both are long reads, but thoroughly thought-provoking..

Comments welcome...

International Premier League?

MI vs. KKR

A Sri Lankan bowling to a West Indian with a South African at the non-strikers end and a New Zealand wicket keeper.

Keep it coming...


I find it almost surreal that I was somehow forced to pick up that beauty of a book, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and read it just a week prior to the happenings of this week, when I had owned the book for more than two years now and nothing of any sort had attracted me to read 1500 pages of so much pure information that I went to sleep for four nights with a headache when I did read it, and I couldn't put the book down, unless my life depended on it.

(Goddamn, that was a whole sentence masquerading as a paragraph)

What will happen if the producers go on strike? Will the needs of the people be fulfilled just because they exist? And so many many more questions...I will read it again, but I find myself afraid of touching that book, in case I get lost in it. Im sure the next time I open it, it will take me more than a month to finish it.

Do read it. And The Fountainhead, also by the same author. It gives refreshing perspectives on what is happening around you. You might not agree with what is written, and that is your choice. But do read.

Drop your comments on the books here. I'd love to know what you guys thought of them.

(BTW, Thats 16 now...)


This is now officially the most prolific month of writing on this blog.

Last was May 2007, when I had 12 posts in the month.

This would be 15 for the month, with 4 days to go.

Do I count the five I removed as well ??

Nah, they aren't on right now, so we'll stick with 15 and counting....

One of my favorite songs...

Theme song for Cheers, a great theme and one of the few songs I love the lyrics of...

Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got.
Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot.

Wouldn't you like to get away?

Sometimes you want to go

Where everybody knows your name,
and they're always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see,
our troubles are all the same
You wanna be where everybody knows
Your name.

You wanna go where people know,
people are all the same,
You wanna go where everybody knows
your name.

I wish I had written this....

Steps to follow:

1) Come to read this blog (obviously)

2) Go to this link: Crystal Blur

3) Scroll down a little. Keep your eyes on the right side of the screen.

4) Clink on the various links that make up the Mahabharata Series and Rishyasringa Series.

5) Read them.

6) Laugh your ass off.

7) Come thank me....oops, that's not in fashion right now,sorry.

8) Curse me for defiling Hindu religion.

Comme Ci, Comme Ça

Commenting to be withheld for a few hours...

Sorry for the interruption in the flow of things...

It will be back by tonight, I promise...

Till then, you can enjoy the comments on Moderation, which frankly is the only post i've had so many comments on...

Strange that the actual hurt-causing posts had no comments on them whatsoever.

And rest, spare a thought for the people who were mentioned in the post. You aren't letting the topic die down and only causing them more grief. (That sounded sickly defensive from my side, but that's what I feel, so yay to more ammunition for you people!!)

P.S. : After disabling, found that you cannot read the comments either, so sorry for that too. Will be back by tonight.

P.P.S: This will be happening on and off. Kindly come back in a few hours every time you see that you cannot post a comment.


Its such a wonderful thing, the power to take actions without being held responsible for them.

For creating a fake ID, and trying to rip apart people by spreading malicious rumours.

For posting comments, and make snide remarks while hiding behind a mask.

And so easy to ridicule people who have made a different choice.

I might have been incorrect and stupid, but a coward I was not.


Some things people just aren't ready for.

Like me.

To moderations and misunderstandings, then.


Exams going on now, which is why I might end up posting more than ever...I might also use the excuse to not post till the end of May, so we'll have to wait and watch what I do..

First two papers done, one being environment and other entrepreneurship...both being debatable..EVM is a good idea in theory, gets translated into practice of the questions in the paper was to distinguish between renewable and non-renewable sure my 10 year old sis could've given a fair shot at the paper..though i'm still not sure if i'll clear though, which is a fair reflection on my abilities...Some of the stuff was interesting and merited deeper thought, but a lot of unnecessary stuff demanded equal time, so give-or-take it was a lost cause.

As for teaching entrepreneurship, the very idea seems redundant. The entire course, could've been filtered down to three simple words: G@@$% Mein Dum. If you have it, you can be an entrepreneur, successful or not, time will tell. If you dont, you cant. As simple as that. Whatever else you require, can be acquired, but not that.

Have a relatively tougher paper tomorrow, Ethics and Corporate Governance. Wondering how many pages I will devote to Satyam tomorrow ?



Yes, I'm stealing again from a blog, but this time i know exactly where I am stealing it from...


A thousand people have wasted their time in some way or the other, reading this blog since April 21, 2007....I cant believe I've kept this thing up and running, in some stuttering manner or the other, for that long a time...and just realized...April 21, 2009 is tomorrow..Thousand visits in less than two years...Bad ??

Gayish ??

Going back to old layout..Frankly, although not even 5 people read this blog, as i've sadly come to find out, i thought the 'pink' look was just too gay..although in these politically correct times that we live in, is that a bad thing ? Does such a thing as being too gay exist ?

Anyhoo, back to the charming greens then...

Studies ?

Some people blog because they want to, some because everyone else is. Some only when they get the mood, and some because they're always in the mood.

120 pages and 200+ slides will make me a more ethical manager ? Somehow, I doubt it.

Last exams for the concievable future coming up from 22nd. The amount that I study for each exam has been inversely proportional to my age, starting from 2.5 years old, when I was first put into a nursery...I've been in the educational system for 21 years straight !!

Goddamn, that's depressing...


Answer to my freakin prayers (and to save me the trouble of thinking)...some, a little dumb, some i dont mind..

Judging by its looks, its fairly new....but hope it catches on soon...

And I'm distrubed by what I wrote in the first line ?

Reading Ayn Rand, so that isn't helping matters any...

Do I need to be told what to think ?

Have I lost the ability to think what I want to think ?

So many questions, so much sleep...

So ?

Is the new look too sterile ? Was the old one better ?

5 responses for me to take action, hope that many people come and see at least..

Lets see....


me:  sigh lady, would that you know, 'tis not your beauty that appeals, but the fact that you choose to keep it hidden....

r.s:  sigh, would that you know, 'tis not your perversion that goes against you,but the fact that you choose to keep it on display.... 


Facebook Mahabharata

Got this from another blog sometime back, so actual credit goes to him/her/them...sayesha on the rocks, i think...or was it Doing Jalsa and Showing Jilpa....dont remember !

Go ahead, write

halla bol...
u gotta get out more..
panipuri rocks..
so does school..
everyone grows fast can u grow back down ?

Necessities of Niceties

Why are niceties so important ?

example: i  get down from the train, see someone walking in front of me whom i know...and i dont want to meet them....except that i am sure that the person will see me when he/she looks up/turns around...why am i expected to greet them and smile and make nice, especially when i know for sure there is no future chance of me making dirty with them??

blehh and more to come....

Comics in real life

Watchmen coming out in India tomorrow....cant wait to see it..although im sure its gonna be heavily censored, so i'll have to end up downloading it from a torrent site..absolutely no one is excited around me...75 percent of ppl dont even have an idea what it is !! and i might be understating that number too...

well, thank god for torrents and free illegal downloads !!

pinky for pune

what is this elusive thing?

a) one of my oldest friends who did her dentistry there
b) what i would give to be posted there
c) ramblings from a procrastinating bum
d) it is written.....

hard work (or any work for that matter)

its a gift. Balls to people who say it is acquired..its a goddamn gift...and if you can bloody acquire it,someone tell me how..

the business of business is to make profit

business and profit have nothing to do with post.i am just quoting my prof who's favorite quote this is..a desperate attempt to keep my eyes open is this..not being quite successful

All around me are signs of despair and a line,a couple is cooching, paper being read,mobile game, blogging, staring into the abyss of boredom, sudoku, tom and jerry, undercover economist and beyond that even i stop caring..

On an unrelated topic,i am suddenly finding pretentious ppl to be more irritating than hypocrites and making a serious play for top spot..not that i know what holds top spot in that empty piece of real estate that is my head..

By the way,tom and jerry rocks anywhere anytime anyhow..