Go ahead, write

halla bol...
u gotta get out more..
panipuri rocks..
so does school..
everyone grows up..how fast can u grow back down ?


Necessities of Niceties

Why are niceties so important ?

example: i  get down from the train, see someone walking in front of me whom i know...and i dont want to meet them....except that i am sure that the person will see me when he/she looks up/turns around...why am i expected to greet them and smile and make nice, especially when i know for sure there is no future chance of me making dirty with them??

blehh and more to come....

Comics in real life

Watchmen coming out in India tomorrow....cant wait to see it..although im sure its gonna be heavily censored, so i'll have to end up downloading it from a torrent site..absolutely no one is excited around me...75 percent of ppl dont even have an idea what it is !! and i might be understating that number too...

well, thank god for torrents and free illegal downloads !!

pinky for pune

what is this elusive thing?

a) one of my oldest friends who did her dentistry there
b) what i would give to be posted there
c) ramblings from a procrastinating bum
d) it is written.....

hard work (or any work for that matter)

its a gift. Balls to people who say it is acquired..its a goddamn gift...and if you can bloody acquire it,someone tell me how..

the business of business is to make profit

business and profit have nothing to do with post.i am just quoting my prof who's favorite quote this is..a desperate attempt to keep my eyes open is this..not being quite successful

All around me are signs of despair and destruction..in a line,a couple is cooching, paper being read,mobile game, blogging, staring into the abyss of boredom, sudoku, tom and jerry, undercover economist and beyond that even i stop caring..

On an unrelated topic,i am suddenly finding pretentious ppl to be more irritating than hypocrites and making a serious play for top spot..not that i know what holds top spot in that empty piece of real estate that is my head..

By the way,tom and jerry rocks anywhere anytime anyhow..