If I was to be described, perhaps most would describe me as boring (the perhaps is to be considered very seriously here). I don't drink, don't smoke, meh at parties, and besides cricket, which stopped last year on account of a bad back, am not into the whole meet up friends on alternate day basis and find nothing wrong in going out for movies alone, if need be. Ok, the last bit might have sounded a bit sad, I'll give you that. An interesting side effect of all this is that it leads to significant savings on the booze and food front. And since I am in my first-ever year of earning, I'm not a big fan of the saving money idea yet (that's scheduled for next year, BTW). So what do I splurge on? I'd been thinking on that, because for some time now, I've been in the bewildering stage of not having enough money inspite of not spending.

So, as I came out of Crossword today, I got my answer. I've never been able to resist a good book (or even a bad book, for that matter) and as I stepped out, I realized that I'd been picking up books left and right (not quite left, right and center, that's after my promotion :P).

I'm glad. I know where my money's going. I'm picking up books I should've read years ago. Also, since my rural stints, I've found myself being fascinated by books on India. I pick'em up at Crossword, I pick'em up at Fountain. I pick'em up from friends. I'm getting back to where I should've reached years ago. And then, forward ahoy!

Upwardly Mobile...

My phones through the ages...

My first mobile phone - Nokia 3410

Phone No. 2 - Nokia 2300

Number 3 - Nokia 6630

The Next One - Nokia 5300

First one bought with my own money - Nokia N81 8GB

My first 'second' phone : Nokia 1202

And my latest 'in-use' phone - Nokia E63

I seem to have run through quite a number of phones in the almost exactly 7 years that I've been using them. Almost switched to a Samsung for the last one, but when it came to putting my money where my mouth (almost) was, simply couldn't shift. Well, there's always a next time...


Happy New Year, everyone.

Hope this year is a good one for ya...