Second of a Couple Incomplete...

Greatest of God's Creations,
Maker of Homes and Nations,
Embodiment of Grace, Love & Duty,
Woman, thy name is Duty.

From angels was thy inspiration drawn,
Not for you, displays of brawn,
Courage is thine weapon strong,
Before you can stand which wrong?

Silky, smooth flowing hair,
Darkest hair surrounding thy face so fair,
Those doe-like eyes so innocent,
In themselves, more powerful than a God's Trident.

Red, bloody-red fulsome lips,
Battles could be fought for just a kiss,
For a glimpse of that face, I could wait years,
Glistening on those pale cheeks,surely those aren' tears ?

And after this, i just couldnt go do you describe a woman ? a more perfect creation rearely has God made...and i realized my "skills" are just too inadequate for describing a tenth part of them...when i see what i write, i feel like deleting it all..but then, im too much of a narcissist to do

More Later..


vitruvian said...

nha dude....
but u've got a really mixed up way for picking analogies.....
u pick one straight from heaven...and the next from a gory battlefield!!!
but oka..ur style..
to each his own!!

pooja_a said...

dare i ask who this is about?

pooja said...

I remembered those times when we had online poetic matches.. and this just sorta came out.. couldnt let my muse not read it..

A Love Almost Lost

Those eyes so dark and fiery red,
Glistening pearls of tears they held..
Pray, what terror did they behold?
that they no more dance so bold?

What might be the reason behind
the twinging pain that streaks inside?
Who is it that the heart so yearns,
With helpless longing, heedless of pride?

Then you look up, into the skies
Lowering the gaze of your mournful eyes..
Pleading help from the winds that blow..Asking them what they know..
Looking for just a simple sign.. anything to know it’ll all be fine..

For a taste of those lips, you’d give your all..
For those arms so strong, so safe, so warm..
For that mischievous smile, the twinkling of those eyes..
For that husky, deep, midnight voice..

Love it is, that makes the world go round..
Yet duty puts the brakes, and keeps us bound..
Justice pulls on her binding chains,
Asking to ride free, without her reins..
Pain pulls his leash and strains,
but the ropes simply bite into his veins..

Then logic steps into the ring,
frees justice and tightens the shackles of pain..
duty screeches, and it all comes to a halt..
In the crash that ensues, love, at long last, has broken her heart..

And after this, I just couldn’t go on.. how does one do justice to the pain of losing someone so dear? its an incomplete story.. but I need to see what happens in the real one before I go further.. I have to see how justice, love, duty and pain work together to find a way..