Second of a Couple Incomplete...

Greatest of God's Creations,
Maker of Homes and Nations,
Embodiment of Grace, Love & Duty,
Woman, thy name is Duty.

From angels was thy inspiration drawn,
Not for you, displays of brawn,
Courage is thine weapon strong,
Before you can stand which wrong?

Silky, smooth flowing hair,
Darkest hair surrounding thy face so fair,
Those doe-like eyes so innocent,
In themselves, more powerful than a God's Trident.

Red, bloody-red fulsome lips,
Battles could be fought for just a kiss,
For a glimpse of that face, I could wait years,
Glistening on those pale cheeks,surely those aren' tears ?

And after this, i just couldnt go do you describe a woman ? a more perfect creation rearely has God made...and i realized my "skills" are just too inadequate for describing a tenth part of them...when i see what i write, i feel like deleting it all..but then, im too much of a narcissist to do

More Later..