Sometimes its just so out of control that you dont know what to do. Even the best intentions are laid to waste, coz there's just no point in having a good intention. Nothing ever gets done. Nothing can be imlemented. Each day drags out to another. Before you know it, its become a cycle, and not one you especially wanna get caught in. How do you get out of it all ? How much can you erase from a written page before you tear it ?

How do you get out ?


pooja said...

A torn page needs to be torn out with great care.. if it isn't done right, it leaves jagged edges behind.. both, in the book it came from, and in itself. So there's always something to remind you that the page belonged somewhere.. which leaves the trail of memories behind..

Analogy not getting the point across too well.. i guess i'm saying that i think nothing that matters so much can truly be wiped out. Cos if it matters so much that u try so hard to wipe it out, its always gonna be a part of your memory.