the purest human being i know got married today..there are many many other words to describe her,but for me pure is the one which captures her essence..and even as i write this i see that even that does not..for am i not implying that she is merely purer than the rest? while she definitely is,that is not what i want to convey..she is the one for whom the word was coined..she should be the standard by which mortals should be judged..she is the white,she is the light,she is the one whose mould even god could not replicate..she makes us want to be better people just by being..she inspires us,infuriates us, and shames us and uplifts us..she looks after us when all we want to do is protect her from this big bad world..
I couldn't attend her engagement..i couldn't attend her wedding..i tried calling her but some relative picked up the phone and quite correctly pointed out that she was a 'little' busy..and although i'm sure she knows nothing of this's my heartfelt wishes to you dear sis..may there be no fortunes from which you are turned away and may no misfortune ever turn your way..for if they do, it would surely mean that justice does not exist in this world, and then would this world be worth living in?