I'm not usually one to rant about stuff. Really. If something bothers me, and I can avoid it, that's what I usually do. They have their own point of view, and if its not similar to mine or even something strikingly dissimilar, I don't believe in imposing my views. Unless you get in my face, of course.

Not this time. I have had enough. Enough of what, you ask? Enough of this.

The new Wrigley's Doublemint AD.

I am not even linking it to youtube. Don't look it up. You'll thank me later.

I didn't think the DOCOMO Irritant singing-in-the-"Friendship Express" makes-me-tear-the-hair-out-of-head AD could be so easily and so quickly topped off my irritant no. 1 spot. But now I feel grateful that it was only preparing me for this. The first time I saw this ad and heard it (the significance of both happening together is indeed significant), was the first time I almost choked on my own vomit. Yes, it is that bad.

I think I'd prefer being choked to death while my feet are being kept in burning oil, someone is kicking me in the nuts with spiked boots and some-other-one is taking a hammer to my teeth, to watching that ad again.

Just so that you can be saved, let me repeat. It is THAT bad.


Shahid Mukadam said...

Ok..now u got me curious abt the ad...wat is it abt?

Nair said...

No, Shahid, No.

I thank you for visiting the site and actually leaving a comment.

But forcing me to relive the horror??

Spare me...