Open Letters

Been the Season of Open Letters eh?

Started off with Madrasan babe and now to India's Graduating Classes.

Quick thoughts on its points/wishes the author had:

1.You speak and write English fluently - This is just crap. Not everyone studies in an English medium school in India. That takes nothing away from their ability; most of them catch up.

2. You are good at problem solving, thinking outside the box, seeking new ways of doing things - Methinks this is a systemic problem. That's just how students are taught here. A few escape education with their 'out of the box' thinking ability barely intact, and they're the lucky ones. 

3. You ask questions, engage deeply and question hierarchy - Heh. Bullshit. Would love to see a new joinee to ask questions around the company, challenge people and walk away with their bonus/incentives intact.

4. You take responsibility for your career and for your learning and invest in new skills - MNCs hold trainings, people go. I doubt many Indian companies do (not talking about the marquee names, but run-of-the-mill companies). If you find about some training and want to go, how many companies would sponsor you? 

5. You are professional and ethical: Everyone loves to be considered a professional. - Yeah, this I agree with. And although company culture does come into play, this is something that is completely within our control. 

Where I'm having trouble is in deciding whether the NYT column was linkbait or not...