So after yet another gap of a couple of months here I am...well CAT came and went..scored a pathetic 94 percentile..but thats alright..after the amount of "hard work" that i had put in, I guess it was well deserved..My luck had to run out sometime after getting a host of 99 percentiles in the SIMCATs........

College begins on Monday and I enter into my last semester of technical education. After this no more circuits hopefully in my life. I am sure of one thing now after my so-called "training period". There are people who are born to be engineers and I definitely am not one of them. I'll be kinda glad to leave this stuff behind. Guess it was never meant to be. Though I still got one more sem..Bring it on !!!!!!!!

After that, I really have no clue whatsoever wht i am going to do..well life will go on i suppose..though i better start preparing for it soon.

Although college isnt officially open, we go to college almost everyday now for the project work. Gotta submit the synopsis by tomorrow or there'll be a price to pay say the professors. Hope we can get it done by then. Since our group consists of 2 of the laziest bums in my class and 2 hard-working girls, its quite simple for anyone to deduce who will be doing most of the work.

Nothing much happening in life now...Actually,there is but not everything in one post yea ?? This time though I'm gonna post sooner...and why should i take myself seriously ??? Coz its the New Year !!!!!!!!