Working Environment & UnRelated Stuff.

Imagine this scenario : Professors keeping an eye out for who is going out with whom, rampant partiality, not a semblance of professionalism, the "good students" favored over the "troublemakers" over and over again, sly remarks about one's behaviour,peons behaving as if they own you, and complaints against them get you rules passed that actually favor them, teachers having no idea about the subject they teach and actually shooting down intelligent questions as a ploy to disturb the class. Ah, those good old school days right ?

Wrong, i am describing the scenario at a once-premier engineering college's biomedical department. This college, which once used to be counted amongst the city's best, is sadly deteriorting. Although the evidence of that appears everywhere, a sure sign can be found in the discontentment among the biomedd students. out of a strength of approximately 110, you would be hard-pressed to find even a couple who are satisfied. Actually, make that no one.

The main reasons, are as stated above. Though thats not the end of it all. Let me give you a more insightful view into our biomed department, which as u must have guessed by now,sucks.

Lets start off with our HOD, though we arent sure if she's holding that post. Qualification hassles, u see (wink,wink). I think something like professor-in-charge. The only one person our of a department of 6, who might actually know something about the subjects and she's never around. which is why i'm keepng this short. Come to college girl, and earn your pay.

Then the senior "professors".oops,my bad. they're lecturers,not professors u see.The big Q u know. with names signifying consorts of gods (2) , a super-built man, and one whos just gay (he got married though,life's little miracles), u just know u're in for a blast.

aahh...away frm all this depressing stuff (though more will follow),actually got in time to college to see only 7 ppl had turned up at 9 a.m. Has biomed actually changed for the better ? Nah, dont think so. But we live in a world of hope and i along with one of my classmates sure hope that we shall live to see the day when the current class attempts to mass bunk. Should be a real laugh riot that one.

But im in deepp shito with my project though. Not geting any ideas and if anyone wanna help me out, please. The things not going anywhere , and me n my group are seriously thinking abt a redo.

So,came home and banged on the tabla a practising the thi-ra-ki-ta seriously nowadays ,so am kinda getting good at it. after that, went to see my dear girl and roamed around in IIT for some time. Honest to God, that place is built for lovers to walk about. But ironically,we never manage to see any IITians there ever.

More Later !!

P.S. : If I hear more abt Ash-Abhishek-Manglik crap, I shall puke.