hard work (or any work for that matter)

its a gift. Balls to people who say it is acquired..its a goddamn gift...and if you can bloody acquire it,someone tell me how..


pooja said...

If it is indeed a gift, then I believe i've lost it..

On the other hand, perhaps it is an acquired trait, for I used to have it once.. and perhaps, a little hard work can make it come back again.. but thats just ironical.

I think i'd prefer to think it is in fact acquired.. for that would mean i can get it back someday.

And I realize none of this answered your question.. but it certainly did make me think... and u know what i say about good posts... :)

Little Girl Lost said...

It's NOT a gift. It's a punishment. It's a disease. It's a retribution of all the crimes in all your past lives...
totally loved your blog. hope to keep coming back for more.