the business of business is to make profit

business and profit have nothing to do with post.i am just quoting my prof who's favorite quote this is..a desperate attempt to keep my eyes open is this..not being quite successful

All around me are signs of despair and a line,a couple is cooching, paper being read,mobile game, blogging, staring into the abyss of boredom, sudoku, tom and jerry, undercover economist and beyond that even i stop caring..

On an unrelated topic,i am suddenly finding pretentious ppl to be more irritating than hypocrites and making a serious play for top spot..not that i know what holds top spot in that empty piece of real estate that is my head..

By the way,tom and jerry rocks anywhere anytime anyhow..


pooja said...

you leave me no choice but to ask what it is that holds top spot in your head.. curiosity is a virtue i acquired from a certain friend, and your post just begs questioning.. so pray tell me, what is that top spot?