Its been six months since that fateful day in college..I thought I'd moved on. I'd thought that it wouldn't affect me now. I thought I'd left it behind. But it still hurts. Like a knife through the heart. More than I could've thought it would. It hurts so much.

Some who will understand this, will rejoice. For the wrong reasons. You have no idea why it hurts me, and maybe all of us, so much. Its because we care too damn much. You won't understand, you can't understand. Someday we'll stop caring. And maybe on that day, we'll find our peace. And still, a part of me never wants that peace, because we never want to stop caring.

As Ben Franklin said, "Those things that hurt, Instruct." Let's hope I'm a better student now than what I was in the recent past. At least, let me have the sense to never repeat this mistake again.