- Guy at Nokia store exchanging a worn-down un-series-ed phone for a brand new, spanking hot RED E63. Sez Guy to Gal "Look dear, its got a 4GB memory card, 2 MP camera,  lets me set up two email accounts, and has internet access and WLAN" The Gal turns around and says "Woh toh sab theek hai, but tu life mein yeh sab use karne wala hai kya?" 

Ouch. That, people, was the closest thing I have seen to a mental kick in the nuts, if there ever was one.

- Lara Dutta is awesomely hot. And she has a beautiful (I cannot stress this point enough) butt. And if anyone in that movie had any chance of sleeping with Kylie Minogue, it was her. That, in the wholesomeness of its entirety, is my takeaway from the movie "Blue".