The Next Post

Its always this part that lets me down...u know, after the part where i've decided that i am gonna write more...the first post comes easily enough....eager to write...but then, the clueless..i have no idea what is to be written, why i should be writing in the next i decided to check out a classmates blog..and it struck me that she's essentially revealing a lot about herself..maybe not a lot, but things about herself that i could never imagine someone else knowing. But then again, they were perfectly normal things...why shjouldn't I let someone else know those things about me ? why did i have to be so damn secretive all the time ? maybe i should be a little more open, help me in sorting myself out though..maybe give me the guts to face the biggest demon of all, myself...

For after I have looked at myself in the naked mirror of truth, what horrors can a world hold ??