A thing of beauty, A Joy eternal ?

When you first come across a thing of beauty, you do not necessarily recognize it. Some things have their beauty hidden underneath, a beautiful princess under a myriad layers of ugly-looking sores that would drive the less determined suitors away. It takes a lot of courage and a healthy dose of irrationality to recognize the opportunity to do things slightly differently, to realize that you walk on a precipice thin enough to be a razors edge. On one side lies salvation, the bliss of unqualified success, and on the other, lies the ignominy of failure, the danger of living a good life unfulfilled.

As one steps through these hallowed corridors, one must realize that this is a place for self-made men (and women). All the tools necessary for your betterment shall be laid before you, every door of success shall be pointed out to you to walk through. But no one will assist you in picking up those tools, to break down that door and walk through it. Because, as it almost always does in life, it all comes down to the man you are. No one shall help you because each of them will be facing the same immortal struggle for upliftment that you do. What you do here in these two years, will define you as the boy you were, and the man that you will become.

It is easy to say things are bad, that you deserved so much more and that you got a raw deal. What is not easy is to accept the fact that you yourself were the one who served out the deal in the first place. No opportunity was held back for you, then why were you held back ? Break down the limitations of your mind, the self-imposed barriers and you will find a wondrous world of joys waiting for you that you never knew existed.

Recognize and accept the fact that not everyone will be equally successful. But question the definition of success before you classify someone as successful or not. Your definition of success might not be someone else's. It should not be. For if two people have the same definition, the same goals for success, then one of them is sure to fail. Understand, that until you know someone else's deepest desires and secret fears, you can never really understand whether he or she is successful or not. Truly then, the only person whom you can classify as being such is you yourself and no other...

A lot I have rambled on, without meaning to... My mind is in a state of flux always... I had hoped to write something about this great institute and look where I ended up..Well, the joys of writing...what can I say ??


pooja said...

keep writing ... i have one page i love to read back in my daily to-dos.. and heaven knows i need a good read while i'm there..