My prof. is rambling about global marketing in a business theory a sense,it does make some sense..although i'm not listening to a word of what's going on..what prompted this post was a comment by her on how technology might be a boon in some ways,but it definitely a bane in other led me to remember that i do have access to this wonderful technology that lets me escape on flights of fancy while being physically present here..isn't it amazing that how sometimes the same thing at the same time may be great 4 some ppl and absolutely wrong 4 others..i'm rambling here..but blame it on the prof not me..hehe..

Its been a little frustrating here..past couple of weeks have flown by without me really realizing that they have..and its been bugging me a lot..i know what i have to do and how to do it..but implementation,as always has been my bugbear.. @%€¤ it..and now that its entered my mind again,i'm too frustrated to continue this..back to business now...