Exams going on now, which is why I might end up posting more than ever...I might also use the excuse to not post till the end of May, so we'll have to wait and watch what I do..

First two papers done, one being environment and other entrepreneurship...both being debatable..EVM is a good idea in theory, gets translated into practice horribly...one of the questions in the paper was to distinguish between renewable and non-renewable resources..im sure my 10 year old sis could've given a fair shot at the paper..though i'm still not sure if i'll clear though, which is a fair reflection on my abilities...Some of the stuff was interesting and merited deeper thought, but a lot of unnecessary stuff demanded equal time, so give-or-take it was a lost cause.

As for teaching entrepreneurship, the very idea seems redundant. The entire course, could've been filtered down to three simple words: G@@$% Mein Dum. If you have it, you can be an entrepreneur, successful or not, time will tell. If you dont, you cant. As simple as that. Whatever else you require, can be acquired, but not that.

Have a relatively tougher paper tomorrow, Ethics and Corporate Governance. Wondering how many pages I will devote to Satyam tomorrow ?