Ground Realities ??

Two pieces I have read in the past couple of days making me think...

1) I always maintained that if I ever left Bombay/Mumbai for any other city, it would be Dubai. It was the only true multi-national city that I have seen, and that includes Mumbai too. I was fascinated with its wealth, its easy rules, and its near resemblance to home, what with so many Indians around. I did think of issues like the spiralling rents, what it would be to leave everyone in India, but the chance of living in a truly Global City seemed to make up for it.

Until this, that is : The Dark Side of Dubai

Worst part, it brings out into the open snatches of conversations and hushed whispers I'd heard but never deigned to think on..And since I've been doing a lot of thinking anyways, why not add this stuff to the mix ?

2) Gods want me to stay in Mumbai. Yes, it might be the worst of the lot, but that can't be helped now. My second choice in India was Bangalore and look what happens there.

Godfather of Bangalore

And more pictures relating to the same here : Pics

Warning: Both are long reads, but thoroughly thought-provoking..

Comments welcome...