I wish I had written this....

Steps to follow:

1) Come to read this blog (obviously)

2) Go to this link: Crystal Blur

3) Scroll down a little. Keep your eyes on the right side of the screen.

4) Clink on the various links that make up the Mahabharata Series and Rishyasringa Series.

5) Read them.

6) Laugh your ass off.

7) Come thank me....oops, that's not in fashion right now,sorry.

8) Curse me for defiling Hindu religion.


Anonymous said...

how can u be so ghatiya type of a person!!! if insulting your batchmates and spoling their careers were not enuf...now u r making fun of a religion...absolute disgrace!!!

and if u want to have some self realisation...use your writing skills to pen the rapes that you guys had yesterday...and the mauling and humiliation associated with it...loser.

Unknown said...


This is hilarious !!

I'm loving it.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you..

Imagine that blog written on your mom or your sister..

I would have loved to read it then..

Balls to you.. What balls.. You yourself are a ball..

Btw.. which one?? Left or right??

Unknown said...

Does it really matter lol ?

Anonymous said...


someone had put up a message in her status...that balls dont have balls in reality...they just display them on their blogs...oh how wrong she was...u dont have balls here too