I find it almost surreal that I was somehow forced to pick up that beauty of a book, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and read it just a week prior to the happenings of this week, when I had owned the book for more than two years now and nothing of any sort had attracted me to read 1500 pages of so much pure information that I went to sleep for four nights with a headache when I did read it, and I couldn't put the book down, unless my life depended on it.

(Goddamn, that was a whole sentence masquerading as a paragraph)

What will happen if the producers go on strike? Will the needs of the people be fulfilled just because they exist? And so many many more questions...I will read it again, but I find myself afraid of touching that book, in case I get lost in it. Im sure the next time I open it, it will take me more than a month to finish it.

Do read it. And The Fountainhead, also by the same author. It gives refreshing perspectives on what is happening around you. You might not agree with what is written, and that is your choice. But do read.

Drop your comments on the books here. I'd love to know what you guys thought of them.

(BTW, Thats 16 now...)


Anonymous said...

how are the happenings of this week related to Ayn Rand?

are you thinking of yourself as the 'producer'?
and therefore thinking as to what will happen if you guys go on strike?


the world will still run son.
At max it might stumble at first, but it will get up and run and when it will, it will be better than the way you ran it. for it will be more transparent and fair.

Ayn Rand has been more misinterpreted than understood.
i have not yet finished Atlas shrugged but i have read fountainhead, and trust me, you seem to me more like one of the Peter Keating kind of people.

lacking genuine capability, getting things the unfair way and then convincing your conscience (and trying to convince the world) that the means were not unfair.

talking about self-respect, people like Keating will be afraid of audits, coz they lack self-respect.

Howard Roark would not have cared. Coz he was too passionate bout his work to care had he been told that he will be watched.

Think over it. you, for me, are the living example of Peter Keating.

and if by showing that all the abuses are not affecting you, you are trying to act like roark

all i can say is please dont insult the him.

I know this comment might not be published. but never mind. i hope u read this, and understand it well.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 1: Jealousy is an awkward homage which inferiority renders to merit.

Clearly, you admire this man's balls to say what he thinks. And clearly, you aren't ballsy enough to do the same openly. Grow up!

Anonymous said...

really? admire his balls to say what he thinks?

well, i am saying what am thinking.

the difference is the thinking.

that is the whole problem here.

Unknown said...

Jealousy is an awkward homage which inferiority renders to merit.
...hehe...this comment really made me laugh..."Clearly, you admire this man's balls to say what he thinks" haha...the man in the picture does not own a single quality worth being jealous of...we only consider ourselves lucky that we do not get thoughts like him which outrage the modesty of a woman and an addition to that he even feels privileged to write them on his blog...maybe people like you take pleasure in reading such lewd thoughts too...u seem to be a keen admirer of his balls...lolzzzz...!